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Crime rates decrease due to COVID-19

20 April 2020 Covid19 Winchester Frederick County Clarke County News

With most public activities shut down due to the pandemic, crime rates have quickly dropped. The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, for example, made 300 arrests in March, a 19% drop compared to the average of the last four years. Similarly, there were 148 arrests by the Winchester Police Department in March, a 28% drop from previous years.

The Clarke County Sheriff’s Office has seen a slight increase in arrests, with 28 arrests this March compared to 23 from last March. However, Chief Deputy Travis Sumpton noted that the cause for this is better training on locating drugs during traffic stops. Whereas there was only one drug-related arrest last March, there were nine this March.

Calls for service have similarly declined, though law enforcement have been receiving a lot of calls about COVID-19.

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