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Crooked Run West Development Under Question

24 October 2019 Front Royal/Warren County News

October 24, 2019

FRONT ROYAL – The Town Council of Front Royal was given a presentation from Crooked Run West Developer Tom Mercuro during the Monday work session. Council members could not come to an agreement about whether or not to supply town and county water for the potential development.

Mercuro claimed that the residential community and possible commercial expansion on the land Crooked Run West has reserved could net large sums for the local community. He estimated that the land in question, once it has both residential and commercial developments on it, would contribute over $600,000 a year in tax revenues to Front Royal and close to $7 million in fees that would stem from construction on the land.

Crooked Run West wants to build 120 housing units on one portion of the land. The units would be low-income focused, and according to Mercuro, the main focus is to put people in homes that are “at the beginning and end of their career.” None of the housing units would have more than two bedrooms. Additionally, Mecuro explained that the 120 housing units would need a total of 75,000 gallons of water to operate fully.

Currently, the land is zoned for commercial properties only. The Warren County Board of Supervisors would have to approve a portion of the land being rezoned for residential properties before any construction could begin. On top of that, the town has a memorandum of understanding with Warren County that states only 40,000 gallons of water a day would be directed to Winchester Rd. for commercial use. That memorandum of understanding would need to be altered in the event of the development being approved.

Mecuro also stated that the only way any kind of development, commercial or residential, is possible on the reserved land just outside of the Target along Route 522, is to build a bridge connecting the land to Winchester Rd. The bridge would cost an estimated $10 million and would require income from the Town to be built.

Council members could not come to an agreement regarding the potential developments, water needs or bridge funding. It will remain a talking point on the Council’s agenda for upcoming meetings.

The Crooked Run West presentation comes after several protests by local residents claiming the development is unnecessary and that the Town doesn’t have enough water to divert to a potential commercial and residential development.


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