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Crooked Run West Withdraws Request

15 November 2019 Front Royal/Warren County News

November 15, 2019

FRONT ROYAL – The Town Council meeting on Tuesday was full of questioning and highlighted the end of a month long debate.

Crooked Run West LLC withdrew its request to rezone land adjacent to Winchester Rd. The developer intended to rezone the land from commercial to partial residential use, and build a large housing development on it. To build the residential area, Crooked Run West asked the Town Council of Front Royal to divert up to 40,000 gallons of water a day to the area.

The Town Council discussed diverting water to the area for several work sessions over many months. They were scheduled to vote on the request during the Nov. 12 meeting, but the vote was necessary after CRW decided to pull its initial rezoning request.

Once it was decided that the vote would be pulled, the contract of new interim Town Manager Matt Tederick took center stage. During a previous work session, council member and now Mayor-elect of Front Royal Eugene Tewalt expressed concerns over the language in the contract. Specifically, Tewalt was wary over Tederick’s salary being transferred to a then nameless LLC. During that session, he was assured by every member of the council, and Town Attorney Doug Napier, that there is nothing wrong with how the contract was structured and that it was all completely above board. Tewalt’s concerns stem recent legal battles the town is embroiled in following the Economic Development Authority Scandal.

Several residents of Front Royal stood in front of the Council and brought up concerns over Tederick’s contract. Many of them expressed distaste with the secrecy of not naming the LLC, and that the contract language had similar tones to what led to the EDA Scandal.

“The letters L.L.C… brings fear and brings anger,” Paul Gabbert said. “You all should have known that.”

The Council reassured citizens that there is nothing wrong with the wording in the contract. Napier himself vouched for the legality of it all, claiming that there wasn’t a point for him to be disingenuous because it would cost him his law license.

Tederick also announced to the crowd that the money would be transferred there to save $6,000, and that his accountant found another way to get those savings so he would no longer have the money transferred to an LLC.


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