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Dan’s Greatest Hits

24 July 2019 Views From The Booth Sports

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Greetings From The Booth!

It’s nice to be back in The Booth after a relaxing vacation at beautiful Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m basically a beach guy, but I’m now sold on “lake life,” too. Our vacation house was beautiful, complete with indoor pool and 2 hot tubs (where I spent a lot of time with a lime-garnished soda pop), and easy access to our boat dock. And we were at DCL in less than 2 hours, thanks to Corridor H, a gorgeous drive that slices right through the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia.

Alas, all good things come to and end, so it’s back to reality, which includes “drinking the kool-aid” as the Washington Redskins open training camp this week in Richmond. As has been the case during the Dan Snyder regime, we’re filled with hope and optimism, because on July 24, 2019, the ‘Skins are undefeated. Sometime around late October, the Burgundy and Gold will be hovering just below .500, good enough to fill our heads with endless playoff scenarios like sugar plums at Christmas time.

At the lake last week, I had much discussion with my nephew TJ (who is also a devout ‘Skins fan) about how the once-proud franchise has become an NFL laughing stock, and how we’ll once again go through this season wearing burgundy-colored glasses. Thus, I wanted to celebrate the 20 years of the Dan Snyder era with some of his greatest hits. Read, remember, and enjoy!

Goodbye Norv: It was clear from day one that Norv Turner was not Dan Snyder’s guy. Even when the ‘Skins clinched the NFC East in 1999, Snyder was lukewarm to Turner in the postgame celebration. In 2000, with the Redskins at 7-6 and still very much alive in the playoff picture, Norv was fired and replaced with interim Terry Robiskie with 3 games left. You guessed it. The ‘Skins lost 2 of those 3 games to finish at 8-8 and out of the postseason.

Hello Zorn: After legend Joe Gibbs retired in early 2008 following his second stint as Washington’s head coach, Snyder hired Jim Zorn as the new ‘Skins head man after it seemed no one else wanted the job. Zorn got off to a great start by referring to the team’s colors as “The ol’ Maroon and Black” in his introductory press conference. After some early on-field success, Zorn would last only 2 seasons with the Redskins, and was replaced with Mike Shanahan.

Let’s Charge The Fans: How could we forget this Oldie but Goodie? In 2000, The Washington Redskins became the first to charge a $10 admission to training camp to help pay for it’s new Ashburn (Va) facility. The negative publicity from this move more than offset any revenue the club made with this move.

Let’s Sue The Fans: In 2008, longtime season ticket holder Pat Hill hit hard financial times and asked the club to put a hold on her contract for a couple of seasons. She was promptly sued by Dan Snyder for payment through 2017. The 72 year-old grandmother, who was just getting by on Social Security, was hit with a $66,364 default judgement, and was one of 125 fans who were sued by the Redskins between 2004 and 2009 after asking to be released from their season ticket contracts. Stay Classy Danny!

And I could go on, but space does not allow. Let’s not forget all the coaching debacles, the signing of players well past their prime (Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith, Donovan McNabb, etc.), wheeling ancient Native Americans out to the 50-yard line in support of the team name,
Bruce Allen winning “off the field”, hiring figureheads to constantly “take one for the team” (Doug Williams), and one of the worst gameday experiences in the NFL.

And the hits just keep on coming!

That’s it from the Booth. Until next time, HAIL SKINS, GO HORNETS!


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