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Defying The “Experts”

30 December 2015 Views From The Booth



Happy 2016 from the booth!

There is a lot to talk about in the sports world in this Holiday season: The college bowl games go on ad infinitum, the coaching carousel is spinning round and round in college and pro sports, off-season deals are being made in baseball, etc.  I don’t really get too excited about basketball until after New Year’s Day, so eventually I will start writing about Shenandoah University basketball and sports in general at SU.

Today, though, I wanted to share some thoughts about my Washington Redskins, who are the 2015 NFC East Division Champs.  Let that sink in. Anyone who says that they predicted this back in August needs to be hooked to Robert DeNiro’s lie detector from “Meet The Parents”. They are not telling the truth. All the major sports networks, publications, and “experts” predicted the ‘Skins to finish last in the division, and at the bottom of the NFL power-rankings.

So much for the experts…

After Washington clinched the NFC East title Saturday night in Philly, Redskins receiver Pierre Garcon shared on social media a post about the joy of accomplishing something that no one thought they could. To be surrounded by doubters the entire season must have made Saturday night’s win all the more sweet for a team that has been the league laughing-stock since 1999, save for a few brief flashes of glory.

The ‘Skins have fooled the pundits by (finally) doing things the right way. Owner Dan Snyder hired a real-life GM to handle football duties. There has been no QB controversy, as Kirk Cousins has developed into one of the NFL’s best. The team is building through the draft, and there has been none of the usual drama and dysfunction in Ashburn.

I am the “oscillating fan”. If you were privy to text threads with my friend Kevin Funkhouser on Redskin Sundays, you would see utter gloom and doom, followed by sheer jubilation, with occasional periods of despair, resignation, and relief.

After enduring season after heartbreaking season, the words don’t form easily on the lips, but THE REDSKINS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS!

Oh me of little faith…