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Divided Board Approves Warren County Budget by 3-2 Vote

19 April 2017 News

Is it over now? Warren County Administrator Doug Stanley carries budget materials away after tight vote approving FY 2018 budget.

Tuesday, April 18, work session, a divided Warren County Board of Supervisors narrowly approved its Fiscal Year 2018 budget. The 3-2 vote with Tony Carter, Dan Murray and Chair, Linda Glavis holding sway over Archie Fox and Tom Sayre, came after 11 weeks of discussion and staff work to make up an initial $3.5-million dollar revenue shortfall.

The $73.9-million dollars in county revenue required to balance the $105.6-million budget, included a 3-cent hike to the county’s real estate tax rate, from 62 to 65 cents per $100 of value.  That was a sticking point for Sayre, who said it was unfair to put the burden for funding county operations on landowners.

However, in expressing his support for the budget and tax increase Murray pointed out that 3-cent hike equated to $30 annually for each $100,000 of real estate value.

Fox’s opposition focused on continued county funding of its municipal golf course.  Murray argued that cutting funding now could jeopardize an inquiry from the private sector to take over operations of the golf club.  Carter pointed out that fees were projected to cover all but $63,000 of the club’s proposed budget of $316,500 dollars.

All of the $1.2 million in revenue produced by the tax hike will go to cover operations at the county’s new middle school that will open in September.  At a public hearing a week earlier, only 3 of 9 speakers opposed the budget and/or tax hike.

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