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DMV Invites Car Dealerships to Participate in a Contest for a Cause

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The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) invites car dealerships across Virginia to participate in a contest to

raise money for organizations through the sale of revenue-sharing license plates. The dealership that sells the most

special license plates that support organizations and their causes will be announced at a news conference in March. 

A revenue-sharing license plate is a license plate in which a portion of the cost is donated to benefitting organizations.

Popular examples include Shenandoah National Park, Virginia Tech, Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation, and

Operation Wildflower. From the beginning of tracking revenue-sharing plates sales in 1992, Virginians have donated

over $73 million to nonprofit organizations and colleges and universities. Dealers participating in the contest may

offer customers any revenue-sharing plate or promote plates that benefit causes meaningful to them. 

All dealerships in Virginia that are a part of DMV’s Online Dealer program are invited to participate. The dealership

that sells the most revenue-sharing license plates over the two-month period thereby raising the most money for

nonprofits and college scholarships, wins the contest.  

Alvin Melendez, Executive Director of the Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association (VIADA), encourages VIADA dealers to take part in the contest. 

“Whether it’s volunteering their time or through charitable giving, Virginia’s Independent Dealers are constantly working to uplift their communities. The license plate contest is yet another wonderful opportunity for your local, family-owned dealerships across Virginia to have some friendly competition for a great cause.” 

If your dealership would like to participate in the revenue-sharing plate contest for a cause, please sign up using this form: 


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