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DMV Piloting New Registration Renewal Reminder Postcard

29 August 2017 News

As a cost savings measure, the DMV is piloting a program to test the efficiency and effectiveness of mailing postcard-style vehicle registration renewal notices rather than the full-size registration renewal packets.

Approximately 120,000 customers who have online DMV accounts and vehicle registrations that expire in October will receive a yellow postcard as their renewal reminder. Customers are encouraged to complete their renewal transactions online at dmvNOW.com. By renewing online, customers will receive a $1 discount and avoid the $5 in-person renewal fee. If eligible, customers can renew their registrations for multiple years and save more.


DMV completed its first postcard pilot program in April. Online renewals increased by more than 40 percent over the same time period last year and the agency saved more than $25,000 in postage.

“DMV is always looking for ways to reduce costs, particularly during challenging budget times,” said DMV Commissioner Richard D. Holcomb. “This new way of reminding customers to renew their vehicle registrations encourages them to renew online, not only saving them money but also a trip to DMV. This allows our employees to focus on more complicated transactions that must be conducted in a DMV customer service center.”

DMV will analyze the effectiveness of the postcard during the second pilot program to determine if the postcard will become the permanent registration renewal reminder. For more information, visit www.dmvNOW.com

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