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“Eats Stand” In Strasburg

23 August 2018 News

The “Eats Stand” in Strasburg is owned buy the town and maintained by the fire department for use during fundraisers. The town council of Strasburg is set to discuss its demolition during today’s session. According to published reports, the Fire department in its Monday meeting voted to recommend demolition based on financial concerns. While the stand is also used by other groups such as the Lions Club and the Ruritan Club for the annual Carnival of Strasburg, and both were contacted and understood the fire department’s recommendation.

The Architectural Review Board will consider the decision of the Town Council following the councils meeting and weather or not it will approve the demolition. Before demolition could begin, the town will need to spend about $3,000 on Asbestos abatement. The total cost of demolition is not known at this time, but Wyatt Pearson indicated that the town would pay for the demolition if it was approved, and that everything occur before the end of paving season for the town because the stand is located on the town’s parking lot.

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