Educating The Valley Podcast

Education Watch | A public service program by Royal Broadcasting
Education watch is a one minute update, produced weekly, on the news and achievements for the schools in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. The program airs throughout the day on The River 95.3FM.

Each month hear an interview with one of the school superintendents for the following districts: Winchester, Frederick County, Clarke County, Warren County, Shenandoah County & Page County, VA. These interviews will discuss topics such as school funding, testing, programs, and other administrative issues.

During the school summer break months, there will be an episode featuring all 6 (where possible) superintendents. This will be a roundtable discussion on a wide range of topics.

Additionally, there will be podcast episodes that feature various teachers, administrators, and athletic personnel to talk about their programs, their students, and the occasional fundraiser or event.


Clarke County Public School’s Re-Opening Plan

eSports Program at Shenandoah University

Education Watch

Education Watch