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Employee pay scales discussed at Strasburg Town Council meeting

20 February 2020 Shenandoah County News

The Strasburg Town Council discussed reintroducing merit pay and cost-of-living increases to a newly imagined pay scale at Tuesday’s work session. Employees would be able to see how their pay might progress throughout their careers with this new scale. 

Except for the Strasburg Police Department’s career development increases, the town hasn’t offered a standard merit-based pay scale since at least 2010. Pearson explained the reasoning for this is because there wasn’t an effective system in place to evaluate performance. Awarding all employees with the same merit increase each year failed to reward those who were putting in more effort. Employees have been receiving cost-of-living increases, but it hasn’t been enough for the town to maintain a pay scale. 

“In the absence of merit, if you’re only receiving a cost-of-living increase and the scale that you’re being judged on is also receiving the same cost-of-living increase, you never progress along the scale,” said Town Manager Wyatt Pearson.

The pay scale and merit-based increases will be further discussed at upcoming work sessions.

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