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Escaped suspect apprehended still wearing handcuffs

Virginia State Police (VSP) and ABC News report that Kevin Dunford has been apprehended 2 days after his escape.

Sunday Mar. 13 Dunford was stopped by a State Trooper and was being investigated after he presented false information.

The Trooper took Dunford into custody while he investigated.

While the Trooper was talking with a witness Dunford fled into the woods.

The suspect managed to evade recapture until Tues. Mar. 15 when he was tracked to a home in Henry County.

VSP obtained a search warrant for the home and found Dunford inside still wearing the handcuffs.

The 35 year old Henry County resident now faces a number of charges including Felony Escape, Providing False Information, Possession of a Control Substance and Driving Suspended.

No word on if Dunford faces possession of stolen equipment in regards to the handcuffs yet.

He was taken to the Henry County Jail.

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