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FADC makes safety and security upgrades

Fauquier Co. Sheriff's Logo used by permission by Fauquier County Deputy Jeffery Long

The Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office purchased a new device and a new system that will help keep inmates safe and secure at the Fauquier Adult Detention Center.

The Detention Center purchased a Tek84 body scanner which can detect both metallic and nonmetallic objects including weapons, drugs, cell phones, and other contraband.

The device screens the entire body from below the feet to above the head and would reveal any items hidden under clothing.

Previously, inmates were simply patted down and a body cavity search was only permissible if there were known drug related circumstances.

The new “Life Check” system purchased for the Detention Center to check inmates cells with a digital schedule which is recorded and enhanced with reminder alarms and alerts to supervisors.

The cost for both systems totaled less than $175,000.

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