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Fairfax County Authorities investigate a coyote attack

Fairfax County Animal Protection Police Officers report investigating an incident of three people being bitten by a coyote.

The incident occurred at Lake Accotink Park in Springfield Virginia.

The three people bitten were adults and suffered non life threatening injuries.

The park was closed to the public as Authorities searched for the animal.

While searching for the coyote a Police Officer was bitten from behind.

The Officer turned and fired his service revolver into the animal to stop the attack.

The coyote was found dead nearby a short time later.

The Officer who was attacked by the animal was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The coyote was tested and it has been confirmed to have had rabies.

Anyone who may have been bitten by that coyote or any suspected rabid animal is advised to seek medical treatment immediately.

Authorities are reminding citizens everywhere if you see an animal acting abnormally avoid it, get to a safe place and call 911.

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