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Family Flees Home After Deck Fire

14 November 2019 Winchester Frederick County News

November 14, 2019

STEPHENS CITY – A family of four had to leave their home after a fire ignited the back portion of their residence on Wednesday morning.

The Fishers Hill Ct. home caught fire just after 2 am the morning of Nov. 13. It was reported to the Frederick County Fire and Rescue Department at 2:17 am. The family was alerted by smoke detectors in the area of the home where the fire started; very close to the back deck of the two story building. A couple and their two children fled outside quickly and suffered no injuries.

Firefighters arrived to the Musket Ridge Development just after 2:30 am, and had the fire under control by 3:13 am. Frederick firefighters were assisted by the Winchester Fire Department.

The home has a large amount of burn damage on the backside, and the family has been displaced. They are being assisted by the American Red Cross.


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