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FCSO concludes their investigation of the threat to school

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office reports the conclusion of the investigation into the threat against Admiral Byrd Middle School Thurs. Sept. 8.

Authorities have concluded that the threat was fabricated by two students.

Based on electronic forensic evidence two 13 year old students were responsible for the hoax.

Those two will now face charges pertaining to the creation and dissemination of social media messages of  a threat.

The two students also face administrative sanctions from the school system.

As a result of the hoax being shared and reported to authorities extra security was placed at the school on Tues. Sept. 6.

Unofficially almost 46 percent of the student body did not report to class on Sept. 6.

Frederick County Sheriff Lenny Millholland spoke on the matter saying that people, even those as young as these two, need to realize just how much of an impact something like this has on public safety and services.

Sheriff Millholand went on to state that pulling resources from other areas in the county additional manpower needed and the financial cost aren’t the only things to consider here.

There are innocent students and parents who have been negatively impacted by these actions and now these two students face some very serious consequences.

According to Virginia Code a threat of this sort can be punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

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