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FCSO Deputy is exposed to Fentanyl during drug investigation

While conducting a drug-related investigation a Frederick County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) Deputy was exposed to Fentanyl.

Deputy R.L. Timbrook began to feel dizzy and was experiencing a rapid heart rate along with tremors in his arms and hands.

Deputy C.A. Klimes also on scene called for Emergency Medical Services.

While waiting for medical personnel Klimes administered a dose of nasal NARCAN to Timbrook who saw marked improvement almost immediately.

Timbrook and a suspect involved in the initial drug investigation were both taken to the Winchester Medical Center for treatment and further evaluation for exposure to Fentanyl.

Frederick County Sheriff Lenny Millholland commended Klimes’ quick action and is thankful that NARCAN is available to his sheriff’s office units.

Sheriff Millholland noted the many successful life saving reports he has seen since NARCAN was introduced.

Deputy Timbrook is fully recovered and back on the job.

The investigation began after a vehicle was reported driving erratically on Martinsburg Pike.

The vehicle pulled into an establishment on Market Street where Deputy Klimes found two females encaging in obvious narcotic activities.

Evidence of the drug abuse was in plain sight in the vehicle.

Deputy Timbrook arrived, and the two deputies began to gather the evidence when one of the females told the pair that there was Fentanyl in the vehicle.

Even while wearing protective gear Timbrook succumbed to the exposure.

Bobbie Ann Mullins and Jasmine Shea Staples, both of West Virginia are now facing multiple counts of drug possession.

The pair have been turned over to the custody of the regional adult detention center.

A link to the press release from FCSO is found here.

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