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FEMA Seeks Public Input on Flood Maps

20 November 2019 Winchester Frederick County News

November 20, 2019

WINCHESTER – The Federal Emergency Management Agency, in conjunction with local and state officials, has updated flood insurance maps for Winchester City. The agency now needs input from locals in the area on the updated map.

According to FEMA, a “significant community review” has already taken place, but there is now a 90 day appeal and comment period open for residents of Winchester. Concerns and questions surrounding the meaning of the map can be aired through FEMA’s online service. Community members can view the newly updated map and submit comments or formal appeals. The agency has encouraged all community members to at least view the updated maps to understand local flood risks and possible costs.

Appeals are a more complex process. To submit a formal appeal regarding the maps data, it must be based on a perception that the modeling or data used to create the map is technically or scientifically incorrect. To submit an appeal, technical information like hydraulic or hydrologic data, must be used to support any claim. Appeals also cannot be based on the effects of proposed projects or projects started after the study is already in progress.

A less formal submission would be considered a comment. Comments can include anything from questions about the maps meaning, to grammatical corrections about area roads or locations.

The 90-day comment period began on Nov. 6. Once the period is over, FEMA will once again revise the FIRM and then release it to the public again.


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