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Fire and Rescue volunteers share why they serve

23 April 2020 Covid19 Front Royal/Warren County News

In honor of National Volunteer Week, Warren County Fire and Rescue volunteers were surveyed as to why they chose to volunteer. The most common response was wanting a way to give back to the community, something that is easier said than done. These volunteers have shown true courage, stepping forward and serving in environments where there is a potential risk of contracting COVID-19. If dedicated staffing in a station were to be quarantined, volunteers are able to step up and continue operations.

The second most common response was finding a sense of belonging and community with fellow first responders and administrative supporters. Times of adversity often form the strongest bonds.

We here at The River 95.3 would like to thank all volunteers for putting their health where their heart is. If you are inspired to volunteer as well, please contact Warren County Fire and Rescue Recruitment and Retention at 540-636-3830, or visit their website. The next volunteer orientation is on May 5.

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