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Fire Burns Down Old Nash Garage in Strasburg

5 November 2019 Shenandoah County News

November 5, 2019

STRASBURG – A fire burned down a building that included an apartment, a workshop and the Old Nash Garage in Strasburg.

Shortly after 2 pm, the Strasburg Fire Department responded to calls about a fire on Front Royal Rd. The Old Nash Garage and an apartment that is attached to the building had been set ablaze. Nobody could get inside the building to try and put it out because of the heat from the blaze. Eventually, it spread and consumed the entire building.

Fire crews on scene had trouble with a water line while putting out the blaze, and the hitch resulted in the fire spreading further inside the structure. By the end of the day the building was destroyed.

An investigation by the Shenandoah County Fire Marshal’s Office was delayed because of the severity of the fire. No foul play is assumed at this time, but a start point for the fire has yet to be found. We will update this story with more information about the beginning of the blaze and the property damage estimates when the information is released.

The Old Nash dealership opened in the 1930s, and has been owned by the Troxell family in Strasburg since 1979. In 2015, the garage was refurbished and turned into a classic car showroom. All of that was destroyed in the fire.


UPDATE: (From Nov. 6) According to an investigation by the Shenandoah County Fire Marshal’s Office, the fire began in the attic of the structure and spread to the rest of the building. Its cause was accidental. No smoke detectors were located in that section of the building.


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