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Fire in Conicville Leaves One Resident Dead and Sends Firefighter to Hospital

15 February 2017 News

At approximately 7:13am February 14, 2017 fire and rescue crews across Shenandoah County responded to a residential fire at 1328 Pepper Road, Conicville VA.

Two Conicville non career Firefighters were first on the scene, taking them about 12 minutes to get to the fire. The two prepared equipment to fight the blaze from outside as they lacked training to enter the building.

Other crews arrived quickly and began performing rescue operations and attacking the fire. The fire was able to be contained in roughly 45 minutes. Officials say even if crews were able to get to the fire quicker the result would have been the same.

Responding crews included Conicville, Mt. Jackson, Orkney Spring, New Market, Woodstock, and Timberville, leading to about 50 firefighters on scene to help fight the blaze. A total of about 65 to70 percent of Shenandoah County firefighters were utilized to help combat the fire.

The two story home is located in a rural area with no nearby fire hydrants. Water was able to be brought in on tankers and located from a nearby pond.

One person died in the fire after being trapped in the blaze. One firefighter was taken to the hospital following a partial ceiling collapse. He was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

An official value of damage has not been determined nor has an initial cause of the fire. The home is still standing but does have visible smoke and heat damage. The majority of damage was to the kitchen and living room located on the first floor. However, damages did reach the second floor and roof.

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