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First day of the Depp Heard trail in Fairfax

ABC News reports on the Johnny Depp Amber Heard libel suit in Fairfax that opened yesterday.

Depp’s suit against his ex-wife Heard will likely turn into a six week mudslinging soap opera is how Heard’s lawyer opened yesterday’s proceedings.

Some people lined up hours before the trail began with about 80 people able to get in but several rows were left empty in the gallery.

The courtroom fell silent a few minutes before the 10 a.m. start time when Heard entered the room through a special entrance that is usually reserved for judges.

An audible intake of breath was heard when Depp came in a minute later using the same entrance.

The first witness was Depp’s older sister Christi Dembrowski who told the court the pair endured a difficult childhood where Depp learned to hide from an abusive mother.

Dembrowski said she saw the same pattern in Depp’s relationship with Heard.

She added that when she booked travel for the couple as their personal manager she would book an extra room so Depp would have somewhere to hide if Heard started a fight.

Dembrowski did struggle with cross examination when asked why she sent texts to Depp in 2014 that said “Stop drinking. Stop coke. Stop pills.”

She only said she did not know what the text were in reference to unwilling to acknowledge her concerns about her brother’s drinking and drug use.

Heard’s lawyers have argued that Depp has no credibility when he denies abusing Heard because he would black out from drug and drink and not remember what he did.

Depp who faced forward through most of the first day glared at Heard’s lawyers for an extended time after the questioning of his sister.

At the end of the proceedings Depp turned and saluted the gallery as he exited receiving dozens of excited waves in return.

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