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Frederick Co. Could Get Needed I-81 Improvements

29 October 2018 Winchester Frederick County News

During Frederick County’s fourth annual transportation forum Thursday night, a Commonwealth Transportation Board official told the crowd that there is a good chance I-81 may receive improvements between Exit 313 and Exit 317 after all.

The announcement came after a VDOT study was unveiled that, despite identifying 105 projects that would improve the interstate, showed only 72 that it could afford in the near future. The improvements between Exits 313 and Exit 317 were not among those chosen, and looked as if they might be completed as late as the year 2060. However, Dixon Whitworth, the area’s representative on the CTB, told those gathered at the Thursday forum that savings found in other I-81 projects may have made lane widening possible there after all, as money that would have been spent elsewhere could possibly now go towards the $140 million project.

It was also announced Thursday that Laurel Grove Road in the southwest area of the county will receive paving along two 1.25-mile sections this summer. This will come sooner than expected, as previous estimates slated the project’s start for 2021.

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