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Frederick County Authorities perform a water rescue

Frederick County Authorities report performing a water rescue just after noon January 17.

An emergency call reported that a man had fallen through the ice of Lake Saint Clair and was seen partially submerged in the icy water.

Frederick County Sheriff’s Deputy B.E. Thomas and Gainesboro Fire and Rescue Chief Thomas Newlin were the first to arrive.

Outdoor temperatures were approximately 20 degrees or below and with the man having been in the water for 20-30 minutes the officers had to act quickly.

Deputy Thomas managed to locate a kayak and Chief Newlin secured a drag line to it.

Thomas pushing the kayak along with his hands on the ice reached the man and managed to get him to hang on to the boat.

The attempt to pull the two men back to shore was not successful as the drag line snapped.

Clear Brook Fire Chief Chris Jenkins had arrived and  crawled on the ice on his belly to  reattach the line and the pair were pulled to the shore by additional personnel.

The man who was identified as Howard Cahill had tried to cross the lake from his home to the other side when the ice broke way.

Cahill was warmed and evaluated by Emergency Medical Personnel before being taken to Winchester Medical Center.

After evaluation Cahill was pronounced nothing more than cold and wet and released.

The experience serves as a reminder to not attempt to cross what appears to be solid ice.

Where it has been cold it has not been cold enough long enough to create ice strong enough to support a person’s weight right now.

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