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Frederick County is hit by a jury duty scam

phone scam warning

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office announced that a jury duty scam has perpetrated the Winchester-Frederick County area.

The scam involves someone identifying themselves as representing an officer of the court or law enforcement.

This caller will tell a person that there is a warrant out for their arrest for failing to report for jury duty.

The caller will then tell the person they can avoid prosecution by paying a fine using their credit card or buying a gift card.

You can not rely on caller ID to determine legitimacy as numbers can be cloned.

FCSO reminds citizens that no one from their offices or the court will ever make such a call.

All court activity involving jury duty is conducted by mail.

No court official or law enforcement personnel would ever demand money to avoid arrest or make a warrant disappear.

Avoid the urge to pay anything by phone with this type of call just hang up.

If you feel the need to make sure call the agency the caller claimed to represent to confirm legitimacy.

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