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Frederick County Sheriff Issues ATV Safety Reminder

31 December 2017 News

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office reminded residents Friday that ATV’s on the roadway are illegal in the Commonwealth of Virginia and can be dangerous, sometimes deadly, especially for younger operators. These vehicles can be useful around the home or farm and fun for those who ride them responsibly; however, they can also be lethal when operated recklessly or by an inexperienced operator.

“We continue to try and save lives on the roads of Frederick County daily” said Sheriff Lenny Millholland, continuing “this is just one more way for us to stay true to those efforts by reminding the public of the legal limitations of these all-terrain vehicles and enforcing those laws, if we must.”

Between January 1st and November 30th of this year, 324 people have lost their lives in ATV accidents across the country. This number includes 96 under the age of 19.

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