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Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Locates Missing Person

24 August 2017 News

On August 22, 2017 around 10:45am, deputies with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 100 block of Scenic Circle for a reported missing person. The mother of a 41 year old male, reported her son who is described as an intellectually disabled adult missing from the residence. She suspected him to have left during the night.

The sheriff’s office began searching around his residence and some areas where he was known to visit. The sheriff’s office Search and Rescue team was activated and set up a command post on Ft. Collier Road, where he was located about a month ago. A request was also sent to the Virginia Department of Emergency Services, the Virginia State Police, and Fairfax County Police Department Aviation Division for additional assistance.

Search teams were deployed throughout Winchester and Frederick County. Additionally, the sheriff’s office and the city of Winchester utilized reverse 911 four times, social media, local radio and television stations in order to seek help from the public. There were approximately 60 searches, including three K-9 teams and a helicopter searching for the individual when he was located. The man was found in a wooded area by the railroad tracks west of the Mountain View Christian Academy off Route 11 South, in Frederick County.

Sheriff Lenny Millholland praised all who helped including social media, the public and news outlets in finding the missing man. He stated, had it not been for Facebook posts, it is unclear how long the man would have been missing.

At about 7:30pm, a resident who lives in the area of Springdale Road off Valley Pike reported seeing the missing man. They were able to recognize him after seeing a post on social media. Police units responded, including a helicopter from Fairfax County Police Department Aviation Division. When the missing man saw people, he ran into a heavily wooded area. At about 8:25pm, he stepped out of the woods. A deputy was able to talk to him and calm him down.

Authorities determined the missing man walked between 7-10 miles throughout the incident, throughout Winchester and Frederick County. The missing man was transported by helicopter to the Winchester Medical Center for a medical evaluation.


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