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Frederick Sheriff Deputy’s Vehicle Disabled After Crash

15 March 2019 Frederick County News

A Frederick County Sheriff’s Office vehicle was disabled Thursday (3/14/2019) after it was struck by a civilian driver.

The deputy driving the police car was assisting a truck driver whose vehicle’s air brakes had seized on Front Royal Pike. The deputy had parked behind the rig and was flashing his emergency lights; at around 1 p.m., however, a southbound vehicle failed to yield to the left as it approached. That driver swerved at the last second, striking the cruiser hard enough to nearly separate its left rear wheel from its axle. The car took the brunt of the impact, and nobody was injured as a result of the crash, but both cars were disabled. 

According to Frederick County Sheriff Lenny Millholland, this accident is part of an alarming trend; it marks the 6th vehicle in the past 15 months that has been struck during a traffic related stop. Driver inattention and failing to move over caused all of these accidents. The Sheriff’s Office is urging drivers to stay alert on the road, and reminding all citizens to shift lanes when possible if they see an emergency vehicle with its lights flashing.

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