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Frederick Water to Use Eminent Domain in Lake Frederick

10 January 2019 Frederick County News

Frederick Water is using eminent domain to obtain three parcels of land from the Lake Frederick Development.

In a Wednesday email, Frederick Water Executive Director Eric Lawrence confirmed that the company intends to utilize eminent domain this week to obtain the 6.1 acres of land. One of the three parcels they are seeking is owned by Lake Frederick developer MREC-Shenandoah VA ,while the other two are owned by the Shenandoah Homeowners Association.

The move by Frederick Water comes after unsuccessful negotiations with the owners; Lawrence said Wednesday that new residential construction in the area warrants a need to strengthen the water system there, and that the elevated water tank and well sites Frederick Water has proposed for the land will ensure adequate water service for both residents and fire and rescue services. The company has offered the appraised values of $28,000 to MREC-Shenandoah VA and $18,800 to the Shenandoah Homeowners Association for their properties. Its goal is to have the water tank operational by this summer, and the wells operation by the summer of 2020.

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