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Friday Fragments

9 February 2018 Views From The Booth Sports

Greetings from The Booth!

It is time again to shut the Booth down for a Winter break, but we shall reopen again on  the 23rd, as we start counting down to Spring!  I couldn’t decide on one topic, so as I do from time to time,  today’s post is a “potpourri” of all that’s going on in sports.

The Shenandoah Hornets will play a men’s-women’s basketball doubleheader this weekend at the Wilkins Center, and I’m hoping for a huge crowd! In-between the 2 and 4:30 games there will be a dedication ceremony, as the playing court will be named after the late Dave & Kathy Dutton.  And, prior to the women’s game, Kirstyn Arcata will be honored for her outstanding career at SU! Well done Kirstyn, and good luck in your life after basketball!

A Big-12 game broke out at this year’s Super Bowl.  The Eagles and Patriots combined for almost 1200 yards, but amidst all that offense, it was a defensive play that sealed the deal.  Philly didn’t make many defensive plays , but made the one that counted: the sack/fumble of Tom Brady late in the 4th quarter. Even then, didn’t you think like I did that Tom Terrific’s Hail-Mary pass on the game’s last play was going to be completed?

Speaking of football, once again Joe Jacoby was snubbed and didn’t make it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This is a joke. Jacoby deserves to be there. He was a vita part of the Hogs and has 3 Super Bowl rings.  How is Brian Urlacher in the HOF ahead of Jacoby? Because offensive lineman isn’t a “sexy” position and linebacker is.  Not to diminish Urlacher’s accomplishments, but at best he belongs in the “Hall of Very Good.”  Hopefully, Joe Jacoby will one day get the honor he so rightfully deserves.

Do you believe that pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training next week?  A sure sign that warmer weather is coming and it won’t be long before “The Boys Are Back In Town.”

And…it’s getting serious now in College Basketball. A big game is on tap in Charlottesville this weekend as UVA entertains Virginia Tech.  With Villanova’s recent loss, the Cavaliers could be the nation’s number one team come Monday with a win over Tech.  The Hokies, who are long and athletic, are trying to build an NCAA tournament resume, and an upset win in C’ville Saturday would almost seal the deal. If this game was played in Blacksburg, I would pick Va Tech…but I don’t see the ‘Hoos losing at home.  63-55 UVA.

And a final thought.  As the final 2 minutes of the SU Hornet’s men’s basketball game was taking about an hour to play on Wednesday night, I started thinking, what if we could extend our life like the end of a basketball game?  Using all our time outs, and constantly fouling the Grim Reaper in hopes he would clang a few off the back iron…

We could live to be 150.

That’s it from the Booth. See you at The Wilkins Center, and GO HORNETS!