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28 December 2018 Views From The Booth Sports

Greetings and Happy New Year from The Booth!

I know I’m a bit early with that greeting, but as this is the final “Booth” of 2018, I wanted to thank you for your readership, and wish you all the best in 2019.

A quick reminder about Shenandoah University’s basketball barrage this weekend (Friday and Saturday) at the Wilkins Center. The Hornet Men are hosting a holiday tournament with games at 5 & 7 each day. SU hosts the Coast Guard Friday at 7. The Hornet women, meanwhile, play Friday at noon, and there will be a women’s neutral-site game Saturday at 12. That’s a lot of hoop!

Well, I’ve finally cleared my pile of gifts from under the tree, and in doing so I was taken back to a childhood memory. A holiday tradition in our house was to visit friends and relatives the week following Christmas, basically to scope out what presents the other kids got. Everyone left their gifts under the tree so we could envy Cousin Terry’s Tudor Electric Football set and Rock’Em Sock ‘Em Robots. What were disguised as friendly visits were actually recon missions.

The college bowl season is in full swing, and I literally have watched none of the games. I did not sit in front of my TV with a big bowl of Cheeze-Its watching the Cheeze-It Bowl. Yesterday, two 6-6 teams were playing in a bowl game. No thank you. I’ll just continue to binge-watch The Waltons on my Amazon Fire Stick. By the way, who plays in this year’s Amazon Fire Stick Bowl?

Finally, the Redskins will try to put the proverbial cherry on the you-know-what sundae this weekend when they entertain the Philadelphia Eagles. The week started out in typical dysfunctional fashion for the ‘Skins with the release of safety D.J.Swearinger, who called out his defensive coordinator Greg Manusky in a postgame soliloquy Sunday after the team’s loss to the Titans. I’m in agreement with most of what Swearinger was saying, but it’s an unwritten rule in sports to keep those kind of comments behind closed doors. While I don’t disagree with Swearinger’s release, it’s tough to lose a player who did bring much-needed swagger to the Redskins.

I’m not sure how many players get fired up at the prospect of playing “spoiler”, but that’s all the ‘Skins have this Sunday. The Eagles are still hoping for the final NFC Wild Card berth, and with a win against Washington and a Vikings loss against the Bears, the defending champs would be back in the playoffs with a chance to repeat.

I’ll be rooting for Josh Johnson, who will hopefully continue his feel-good story Sunday. The journeyman has been a bright spot these last few weeks, and with another solid effort in the season finale, certainly deserves to be part of the quarterback conversation going into 2019. His numbers haven’t been spectacular, but looks like he’s having fun running around and playing schoolyard football.

As former Dallas Cowboys guard Blaine Nye once said about backup QB Clint Longley, who, with no knowledge of the complicated Dallas playbook, beat the Redskins on Thanksgiving Day 1974, “we’ve just witnessed the triumph of the uncluttered mind.” The same can possibly be said about Johnson.

That’s it from The Booth! Get a big bowl of Cheeze-Its, and enjoy! Until next year,GO HORNETS!


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