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Front Royal Approves New Police Radio System

12 September 2018 News

Front Royal’s Town Council has approved the purchase of a new radio system for its police department.

The $545,000 purchase will bring a P-25 radio system to the department from Motorola, something the company says will become the standard for all agencies. The Monday approval on the matter was motivated in part by the construction of a new police station, which is expected to be completed sometime around the year’s end; the Town Council agreed that it would be best to purchase the new system in time for the station’s completion, rather than install the old system in the new station only to take it out later.

A representative from Motorola was quoted as saying that the town will ideally make its purchase in September, and that it will take 3 months to install. According to reports, the new radio system is long overdue; Police Chief Kahle Magalis was quoted as saying that a lack of coverage has often forced officers to raise their radios to the sky, creating a potential threat to their safety in dangerous situations.

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