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Front Royal fights digital fraud

25 January 2020 Front Royal/Warren County News

In the wake of the EDA scandal and digital forgeries, the Town of Front Royal is implementing a cutting-edge technology to combat such scams. Partnering with Des Moines-based company TroktFront Royal will add an extra layer of protection to digitally-stored PDFs, videos, images and Word documents. The town will be one of the first localities in America to use this protection. As thousands of local governments across the U.S. move from all-paper to also using digital storage, such protection is necessary.

Using the same cryptographic technology as the NSA, every stored document will have a digital thumbprint. Even the smallest alteration to a document will change this thumbprint and reveal forgeries. Front Royal’s Director of Information Technology, Todd Jones, hopes to use this as part of Front Royal’s ongoing digital transformation, and to prevent digital fraud from happening again. 

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