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Front Royal Golf Club May Close

21 July 2018 News

On the August 21st meeting of the Front Royal Board of Supervisors, citizens will have the opportunity to share opinions about the proposed closing of the Front Royal Golf Club’s nine hole golf course. In recent years the golf course has become less profitable for the county in part due to a nation wide decline in golf’s popularity as well as competition from other courses. Warren County is interested in leasing the property to an unnamed party with the intention of planting trees as well as creating bike and walking paths. This is at odds with the original intention of taking over the property to preserve one of the oldest courses in the country. The county intends on keeping within the spirit of the property as community recreation, simply without golf, as indicated by County Administrator Doug Stanley.

The change still has a long way to go. A judge must first overrule the stipulation that the land “must be used for a golf course” before anything can proceed. This point will be appearing before a judge in September, after those who are potentially impacted are given the opportunity to voice opinions. Administrator Stanley plans on having a preliminary plan for the replacement project by the time of the hearing.


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