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Front Royal moves away from total privatization of trash collections

7 July 2016 News

After a work session Power Point presentation by Solid Waste Department Supervisor Andrew Heacock, the Front Royal Town Council appeared to back away from a privatization initiative brought by Councilman Gene Tewalt.

On Tuesday, July 5, 2016, Solid Waste Department head Andrew Heacock described a goal of streamlining operations, particularly regarding recycling methods and residential trash collections, in order to increase cost efficiency.

He also suggested surveying citizen preferences regarding possible changes, including bi-monthly (very other week) collections.

Even Tewalt appeared to waiver in his commitment to privatization after hearing new numbers on equipment costs and comparative operational dynamics for both other municipalities and the private sector.

“That’s all I’m asking – that we become more cost efficient for our customers,” Tewalt said as a Council consensus moved toward fixing, rather than abandoning a municipal service that totals only about two percent of its annual budget.

However, and ongoing exploration of phasing out the least cost-effective operation, commercial trash collection, was kept on the table.

Front Royal’s Solid Waste budget of approximately $1 million is about two percent of Front Royal’s total budget of $45.8 million. It is a number comparable to surrounding municipalities portions of their budgets devoted to solid waste collection, according to Heacock.

story by Roger Bianchini, Royal Broadcasting News

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