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Front Royal Plods Toward Neglectful Dog Cruelty Code

24 August 2017 News

Could council’s reluctance to approve a canine tethering code developed by the County at the request of animal rights activists and county animal control be nearing an end? From left on the table’s far side, Vice-Mayor Tewalt and Councilmen Meza and Morrison ponder Town involvement.

After seven months of discussion, the Front Royal Town Council has authorized endorsement of a draft animal cruelty code related to the outdoor tethering of dogs. Discussion of approving matching town and county ordinances to allow Sheriff’s Office Animal Control enforcement countywide began on February 3, when extreme cold was an issue.

Following an August 21, 2017 work session discussion, different weather extremes were at play for county dogs left outside without adequate shelter, shade or water. After listening to several councilmen re-raised reservations about the town becoming involved in what is a county-driven enforcement issue, canine rights activist Carol Vorous, who brought the issue to the county in February expressed frustration.

Protections for all dogs, great and small in all of Warren County?

“I would like to ask exactly what game we are playing, and what are the rules? This has been tossed back and forth and back and forth,” Vorous observed of the town’s return of several previous drafts to the county for change or comment, “So I guess I can only say to the Board of Supervisors is tag, you’re it.”

As was explained by Warren County Animal Control at that initial county work session in February, matching ordinances need to be passed by Front Royal and Warren County to allow uniform enforcement on both sides of the town limits.

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