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Front Royal Strengthens Dog Protections

14 November 2017 News

Front Royal has moved toward joining Warren County in establishing a local code designed to eliminate neglectful abuse of dogs.  On Monday, a divided council forced Mayor Hollis Tharpe to cast a tie-breaking vote – “And my vote is yes” Tharpe said.

The new code will set parameters for the unattended tethering of canines.  It prohibits dogs being leashed outdoors that are under 4 months of age and dogs that are females in heat. The new regulation also  sets limits the length of time, the types of weather  weather and other conditions under which they may be left outdoors.

Violations are Class 3 misdemeanors with up to a $500 fine on each conviction.  The new code was supported by the Sheriff’s Animal Control Department as providing a less vague standard upon which prosecutions may be brought.

‘All Dogs Matter’ founder Carol Vorous

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