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Front Royal Town Council seek a special election date

At a special meeting of the Front Royal Town Council held Aug. 29 the council approved a motion for a special election.

To avoid the cost of a standalone special election council moved to direct the Deputy Town Attorney to petition the Warren County Circuit Court for a writ of special election.

The special election will fill the vacancy left by the departure of Joseph McFadden.

The council is asking the special election be held  Nov. 7, 2023 to coincide with the general election on that date to effectively offset the cost.

It was observed at the special session that Joseph McFadden’s verbal resignation on Aug. 8 will stand because of the amount of time between the verbal resignation and request for reinstatement.

McFadden calls Robert’s rules of order as the reason his resignation is not valid.

It was observed at the council’s special meeting that State Statute trumps Robert’s Rules of Order.

A council member at the meeting noted that according to the State Statute the request for reinstatement has to be made the same day as the resignation.

McFadden left the meeting on Aug. 8 right after his verbal resignation.

A link to the entire Town Council meeting is found here.

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