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Front Royal Utility Debt Write-Off

27 October 2018 News

The Town Council of Front Royal has unanimously approved the write off of more than $166,000 of outstanding utility debt. The debt forgiveness follows all attempts at collection, explained the Finance Director B.J. Willson in a recently published report. The money was due from 358 commercial and residential properties and is being forgiven at the request of the town’s auditing firm. Director Wilson further explained that debt was written off for accounts which had shown no activity over the past seven years, those in bankruptcy for the past five years, and those where all methods of collection have been exhausted. While the vote was unanimous, some concerns were expressed. Councilman William Sealock expressed his view regarding the policy moving forward; stating, “There are garnishments on wages. You can go after people for bad debts, and the way I read this policy is: we don’t do that.” Debt has been written off in the past ranging from just over $848,000 in 2013 to as little as $144,049 one year later.

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