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Front Royal’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades Complete

16 May 2018 News

Construction on $45 million worth of upgrades on Front Royal’s wastewater treatment plant on Manassas Avenue have been completed.

The upgrades will help to reduce the amount of pollution that affects the Chesapeake Bay by better controlling the plant’s discharge of unwanted chemicals. The project took nearly ten years to complete, in large part because the financial crisis of 2008 put it on hold for a period of two years. Construction finally began in April of 2015, after designs were completed and grants were obtained.

The plant’s first update since 1992, these new additions are fully automated and should have a useful life of 20 years. They will help the plant stay within its phosphorus and nitrogen discharge limits, allowing it to better meet state standards for the amount of each it releases into the environment.

The last step for the plant is a 30-day performance test that will ensure that all improvements are running smoothly.

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