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FRPD warns of a new scam that is a bit different from most

Front Royal Police Department seal used by permission

The Front Royal Police Department (FRPD) reports that a new scam has hit the area and this one is a little different from most.

Individuals are being told by phone that they have overpaid their Town of Front Royal Utility bill and are entitled to a refund.

Then the caller will ask for your debit or credit card information to receive your refund.

This will never happen legitimately.

Should you receive such a call never give out any personal information over the phone.

Should this happen just hang up on the person or ask them to credit your next bill and see how that works.

If you are so inclined feel free to call the Town of Front Royal to check on the legitimacy of the claim.

Frederick County Sheriff Lenny Millholland tells us it is extremely difficult for law enforcement to trace offending scammers as often they are calling from outside the country.

More importantly it is near impossible to retrieve money that has been stolen in this manner.

Should you become a victim of such scams contact your local law enforcement to at least report it and see if anything can be done.

More importantly you should change all cards, passwords and information that was lost in the scam.

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