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“Getaway Day” Musings

13 July 2018 Views From The Booth Sports

Winchester PrintersGreetings from The Booth!

Today for me is, what in baseball parlance, is known as “Getaway Day”, as I will be headed to the OBX for a week of sand, surf, and seafood, and the occasional lime-infused beverage. As is the case with the baseball version of Getaway Day, my plan is to get everything on my list done in the most efficient manner possible, and get on the road.

On the other side of “vaycay” will be the remainder of Summer, and then, believe it or not, football. I got a chance this week to chat briefly with Shenandoah University Head Football Coach Scott Yoder, who was at the station to talk about his annual youth football camps. We will be doing a full-fledged Hornets season preview in a few short weeks, but suffice it to say, Coach Yoder got me juiced about the upcoming campaign. The Head Hornet was excited about the Senior season of QB Hayden Bauserman, who could and should eclipse the 10,000 yard passing mark for his career, a mark that may stand for all time at SU. Yoder is also excited about the O-Line, his defensive secondary, and a chance for the Hornets to string 3 winning seasons together in a row, which would be a first at SU.
OK, now I’m ready for the opener (Labor Saturday at Methodist)!!!

We approach MLB’s All-Star Week, and still the Nationals are at around the .500 mark. The recent incredible 14-12 comeback win over Miami has not manifested itself into the turnaround many of us had hoped for. Unless the Nats have a remarkable second half, this may just be one of those “you can’t win every year” seasons. It happens.

Speaking of the All-Star game, it’s ludicrous to think that anyone besides Max Scherzer should start the Midsummer Classic for the N-L. The game takes place in his home ballpark, and with a 12-5 record, and back-to-back Cy Young’s, “Mad Max” has earned the right to start. Enough already from the Mets manager, who thinks that Jacob De Grom should get the nod.

So, Bryce Harper is in the Home Run Derby Monday Night. The argument from players who don’t participate is that it messes up their swing. With a .215 batting average, maybe the reverse will be true with Bryce. And since we’re talking about Harper, I love that his agent Scott Boras is blaming “the shift” for Bryce’s batting woes this season. Can anyone see what’s happening here? Boras’ famous client is looking for a $300 million contract in the free-agent market next year, and that amount is dropping with each Harper strikeout. Which means a lesser payday for Boras.

By the way, I’m not a fan of “the shift”, which is being employed by more and more teams now in Major League Baseball. I think more often than not, playing the traditional infield alignment has the defense in a better position to record outs. For me, I think it’s simply a visual thing. It’s strange seeing the third baseman on the first base side of the second base bag, and the second baseman out in right field. What’s next, a 10th defender, like the “short fielder” in softball?

At that point, I think the shift would hit the fan…

Well, I hear the distant sound of the waves crashing against the Outer Banks…so off to Mile Post 19 I go. Enjoy the Home Run Derby, The All-Star Game…and I’ll be back in the Booth in a couple of weeks. Until then…



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