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“GoFundMe” Campaign Raises Thousands for Injured Firefighter

30 December 2017 News

Eddie Wharton, a firefighter with the Strasburg Volunteer Fire Department, was seriously injured in a car crash last Friday at 3:06 a.m. while driving northbound on Interstate 81 in Rockbridge County. Strasburg Fire Department Operations Captain Chris Pangle is quoted as saying that Wharton is in “serious condition, but he is stable.”

In order to help Wharton and his family pay for hospital bills, family friend Nathan Hirschberg launched a GoFundMe campaign that has raised $4,465 as of Saturday morning. The money is much needed, as the page states that “it is uncertain if Eddie will be able to keep both of his legs or if the surgeons will have to amputate them due to the trauma.”

Those who would like to help Eddie and his family by contributing to the campaign can find it on gofundme.com under the title “Help Eddie Wharton and Family.”

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