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Gov. Northam announces emergency funding for homeless

4 April 2020 Covid19 News

Yesterday, Gov. Northam announced an initial $2.5 million in emergency funding to shelter Virginia’s homeless population during the pandemic. Although Virginians have been ordered to stay at home, many do not have a home to stay in. Approximately 1,500 Virginians are currently unsheltered or rely on shelters that require them to leave every day. This emergency support will provide temporary housing for these individuals as well as others who may need to be quarantined or where social distancing is not feasible. The funding will be used for hotel and motel vouchers, case management, food, cleaning supplies and medical transportation. Northam’s goal is that no Virginian be left behind.

The announcement also covered protections against housing insecurity and mortgages. The full announcement can be read here.

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