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Gov. Northam assembles team to work on COVID-19 testing

21 April 2020 Covid19 News

Gov. Northam has assembled a working group on COVID-19 testing to address Virginia’s lack of tests. The group is led by former Health Commissioner Dr. Karen Remley and State Epidemiologist Dr. Lilian Peake. The group also includes representatives from hospitals, long-term care facilities, emergency room physicians, free clinics, private labs and state agencies. It was created with the goal of increasing the state capacity for tests.

Currently, the state lab can conduct about 300 a day, though new materials will bring that up to 400. However, even with having the capacity to conduct the tests, the state still needs swabs to collect samples and containers to ship the tests. The working group will oversee all of that to ensure Virginia is meeting the need for testing.

Increased testing is vital, as Virginia has yet to hit its peak infection rates. Extensive testing is the best way to combat the pandemic.

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