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Gov. Youngkin delivers his state of the Commonwealth address

Governor Glenn Youngkin delivered his state of the Commonwealth address to a joint session of the Virginia General Assembly January 10.

The Governor highlighted his agenda for this legislative session and discussed ways lawmakers can deliver bipartisan wins that offer opportunities for Virginians.

Youngkin’s plan included cutting taxes across the board 12 percent and compensating 80 percent of the loss by modernizing the state’s tax code.

The Governor’s plan entails closing the tech tax loophole and increasing the sales and use tax by .9 percent.

His plan also includes expanding the earned income tax credit for low-income Virginians.

Youngkin also reiterated his plan to repeal Virginia’s personal property tax on cars.

That desire was made in an off the cuff remark to reporters after last month’s budget presentation.

To quote the Governor there is one topic not included in my budget submission which is to challenge all lawmakers to take up and resolve and eliminate the single most hated tax in Virginia.

That tax is the locally imposed personal car tax.

The Governor also warned that one item sure to get his veto is that of the repeal of the state’s right to work law.

Governor Youngkin’s entire State of the Commonwealth address is found here.

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