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Gov. Youngkin sends National Guard Troops to the U.S. boarder

Governor Glenn Youngkin announced that he has issued Executive Directive Four which deploys National Guard Troopers to the Southern U.S. Border.

The directive is in response to the Emergency Management assistance request from Texas to address the ongoing Southern U.S. Border Crisis.

Texas requested assistance from all states and territories through the Emergency Management assistance compact of which Virginia is a founding member.

Per Governor Abbott’s request for military support to assist in managing the conditions Virginia will send 100 troops at first, in response to the Texas request.

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced that his state will also send troopers.

South Carolina and a growing number of other states are also sending National Guards Troops to assist Texas.

Abbot sighted the continued instability along the border that includes the increase in illegal drugs and human trafficking in the request for military support.

Governor Youngkin noted that the ongoing border crisis facing our nation has turned every state into a border state.

Youngkin went on to say given the intense resource demands on Texas the Commonwealth will do its part to assist in key aspects of their mission to secure the border and reduce the flow of fentanyl and illicit drugs that have caused the death of five Virginians a day on average.

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