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27 May 2020 Views From The Booth Sports

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Greetings From The Booth!

Was it just me or was there a feeling of optimism in the air on Tuesday? The sun was out, temperatures were in the low 80’s, some restrictions were eased in states all over the country, and the stock market surged. I even stayed away from the drip drip drip gloom and doom national news for most of the day and listened to Jimmy Buffett music. Maybe it was the beginning of our comeback…

I don’t think I’m even going to let (lack of) baseball get me down. I wrote several weeks ago that MLB and the players union haggling over money would not be a good look against the backdrop of a national pandemic & economic shutdown. The latest proposal from MLB to the players is a sliding-scale reduction of salary, with stars taking a 77% pay cut, and those making the league minimum taking a 53% cut.
The players’ union calls this “extremely disappointing” while the owners say this pay scale is “completely consistent” with the economic realities of the sport.

Maybe there’s a middle ground here, but I’ll put this in perspective for you, the “average Joe.” A star making $3 million would make $690,000 in the coronavirus-shortened 2020 campaign. I think we would all be fine playing a kid’s game for $690k for half a season. Again, take the hit and hopefully we’ll all be back to normal in 2021. To MLB and the players, just remember that the longer we’re without something, the more we get used to not having it. Play ball.

What I Watched This Week In Sports was something that apparently a lot of you also watched. The much-ballyhooed live golf event, “The Match: Champions For Charity,” drew an average 5.8 million viewers on 4 of Turner Sports’ channels. The match featured the team of Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning versus Phil Mickleson and Tom Brady, and raised over $20 million for coronavirus relief. And BTW, how cool were those customized, personalized golf carts?

It didn’t matter much to me that Tiger & Peyton beat Phil & Tom. What I learned is that Tom Brady is human. Well, at golf anyway. Brady, the former New England and now current Tampa Bay quarterback, has more rings than Saturn, but on Sunday looked like me or you hacking it around at our muni course on a Sunday morning. A pouring rain didn’t help. Most of his shots seemingly were either in water, sand, or jungle.

Golf is a humbling game.

But here’s the thing. As a pro athlete who plays at the NFL’s highest level, Tom Brady has a competitive fire that burns hot, whether he’s in the fourth quarter of The Super Bowl, or playing in a charity golf match. Just as I was about to text a friend something to the effect of “hey, I really think I could beat Tom Brady in golf,” Tom Terrific holed out an amazing 100-yard pitch shot from the fairway, with backspin. It was maybe the most talked-about shot of the match.

Maybe Tom Brady isn’t human after all…

Until next visit from The Booth, keep your spirits up, stay optimistic, and GO HORNETS!


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