Hey Nineteen

7 February 2019 Wake-Up Crew

Greetings From The Crew!

If you listened to the show this morning, you know that it is my 19-year anniversary at The River 95-3. Those years have raced by, and I hope there are many more to come.

The River 95-3 was a lifeboat, of sorts, when I came here in February of 2000. Radio in general was becoming less “local” and more corporate and I wasn’t having very much fun at my previous job. I felt that things were becoming more structured and decisions were coming from people who didn’t live & work here in the northern Shenandoah Valley.

I really don’t want to dwell on that, except to say that I had always promised myself that when this radio thing stopped being fun, I would stop doing it. I reached that point and then reached out to my friend and then-general manager of (now) WZRV & WFTR, Mike O’Dell, who offered me the morning show. The details were worked out, and 19 years later “Randy & The Wake-Up Crew” is still on the air. In an industry known for the transient nature of air personalities, I am thankful.

I’m not sure I have any great secret for the longevity, except to say that I have tried to be real on-air and share my life experiences with you all. In many ways you have “seen” my son Christopher grow up over the last 19 years. He was born in June of 2000, shortly after I came to WZRV, and through my stories about him, you have become an extended family.

If you asked me to recall specific memories of the last 19 years, I’m not sure I could do that–they all blend together. My memories are more about the people, the listeners and business contacts and co-workers who have become good friends over these 19 years. And there are many.

I thank all of you for allowing me to do what I’ve always wanted to do since I was 10 years old and lying in bed late nights listening to the legendary voices on the radio. They had a special connection with their audience, and I hope that is the case with me and you.

Here’s to 19 more!!!!!


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