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Hornet-Wasp Preview: Getting The Mojo Back

18 October 2018 Views From The Booth Sports

Greetings from the Booth!

It was Bizarro World in College Football last Saturday, wasn’t it? 4 of the AP top ten teams fell, including my WVU Mountaineers, who apparently didn’t get the invite to show up against Iowa State. The Mounties, entering the contest with a 5-0 record and one of the most potent offenses in the country, could muster only 152 yards against the Cyclone defense. Adding insult to injury, the Iowa State players celebrated the win by playing “Country Roads” in their locker room.

Revenge is a meal best served cold…we’ll see you next year in Morgantown.

And, we could probably come up with multiple reasons for the Shenandoah University Hornets 45-14 loss last weekend at Shentel. According to something called Ockham’s Razor, the simplest explanation is probably the right one, so here’s what I’m going with: Stuff happens. If you play, watch, or coach enough football, there are going to be games when you simply get your rear end handed to you. We’re talking about 18-22 year-olds who collectively were just having an off day.

Tip your cap to Randolph Macon. The Yellow Jackets looked like a team that had gotten it’s hands on Greg Brady’s playbook (remember that episode of The Brady Bunch?). Everything the Hornets tried failed. SU attempted a fake punt on it’s first possession (which backfired) and things got progressively worse from there. RMC defensive backs covered our receivers like cheap suits, and although SU quarterback Hayden Bauserman threw for 289, 2 early interceptions got things moving in the wrong direction for the Hornets. In addition, the Shenandoah defense was frustrated all day by a Yellow Jacket offense that possessed the football almost 37 minutes.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

This weekend it’s a “business trip” from the top of Virginia to the bottom, as the Hornets travel to Emory & Henry. This Saturday, it’s all about getting the mojo back, as the Hornets try to avoid going under .500 for the first time since November of 2015.

Sometimes a long road trip is just what the doctor ordered. Both Head Coach Scott Yoder and players like senior defensive end Chris Grady are looking forward to the trip, and say that a “circle the wagons” mentality is needed this weekend to ruin Homecoming for a Wasps team that is playing at home for only the second time this season. The bonding that takes place on buses and hotel rooms can often translate to the field, as a team adopts an “us against the world” attitude.

Like a lot of teams in the ODAC, the Wasps can score points, but they also give up points (about 36 for, 36 against per game), so the potential exists for a typical high-scoring contest. E&H has a nice dual-threat QB in Hunter Taylor, so Saturday poses another challenge for the Hornet defense.

But I think, more than anything, this game is not so much about Emory & Henry as it is about SU getting back to Hornet-style football: get out to an early lead, get Hayden off to a hot start, and mix in some running game. Defensively, bend, don’t break, and get off the field on 3rd down.

The mojo comes back this week in a 44-31 Shenandoah win on the road. Enjoy the broadcast on The River 95-3 starting at 12:30 and until next time from The Booth…



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